Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Is there any tutorial for xowiki?

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
there was an end-user-oriented tutorial by jon griffin, but his screen shots are gone:

there is one by solution grove

to answer you questions: to get to the file-selector, edit a page and click on the image button in the toolbar. In earlier version, you came straight to the OacsFs, in newer versions of openacs, you might have to add OacsFs to the list of xinha plugins in the parameters of acs-templating (from admin/site-map)

if you are in openacs (no dotlrn), the globally mounted file storage is used. if you mount xowiki from within an openacs community, the folder of the openacs community is used. If this is not sufficient, check the configuration options of

to make xowiki a start page, add the following .vuh file
to the toplevel www directory

Posted by David Ghost on
Sorry Gustaf,
But still I can't follow you
How to locate acs-templating parameters?
On site-map you mentioned, I can't go further..

Regarding xowiki & file-storage instance,
My instantiated Xowiki seems not follow y0ur explanation.
For instance, I have several file-storage instances before xowiki instantiation, but the resulting xowiki use none of pre-exist:ng file-storage,
instead it use it's own file-storage instance which I can't identify on site-map page.
So I ask you to show me step by step real guide

Hope to get prompt assistance & thank in adVance

Posted by David Ghost on
Just after posting the above, I find the parameter page of templating, but this time it doesn't work.
I set the belows...
RichTextEditor : rte --> xingha
XinhaDefaultPlugins : add OacsFS
Anything wrong?
Do I have to re-start my server?
Posted by David Ghost on
my server log says like belows...

Error: rp_sources_filter: file "/web/collabeda531/www/resources/acs-templating/xinha-nightly/plugins/OacsFS/oacsfs.js" does not exists trying to serve as a normal request

Any suggestion to address this?

Posted by Hamilton Chua on
"xingha" should be "xinha"
Posted by David Ghost on
It's typo just on my posting,
on parameter page I provide correct word
Anyway Thank you Hamilton
Posted by Hamilton Chua on
Hmmm looks like it should be oacs-fs.js not oacsfs.js.
On what page were you at when you got that error in the logs ?
Posted by Hamilton Chua on
From my experience, the file selector widget uses the first file-storage instance it sees in the sitemap.

What version of xowiki and xotcl are you using ?

The install I am looking at uses xowiki 0.6 but we've been upgrading ever since 0.3.