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I am writing a grant proposal to create an multi-lingual community system for NGOs using OpenACS.  One of the selling points is the countries that have native OpenACS programers, either in companies or working as independent contractors.

I know we have people in: US, Germany, Denmark, Spain, India, Guatemala, Philippines, UK, Netherlands

Where am I missing?

BTW If this posting creates the temptation to post an advertisement for yourself/company. Please do so in the appropriate place:


Posted by Peter Marklund on
shame on you for leaving Sweden out :-) Mohan ( and Ola ( are there.
Posted by Jarkko Laine on
And I'm here in the neighbour of them. (shame on you, Peter ;)
Posted by Claudio Pasolini on
There are a small number of companies in Italy runnning OpenACS (VestaSoft, AdHoc sistemi, ASI).

I added a link to VestaSoft, wich is a very young company running exclusively on OpenACS.

Posted by Mohan Pakkurti on

There are also some developers at University of Bergen, in Norway.


Posted by russell muetzelfeldt on
There's a few of us in Australia - myself and Mark Aufflick are the ones I know of, although some of Rafael Calvo's students from the University of Sydney may have continued working on the platform after graduating...

Not that that would help you sell the i18n capabilities of OACS (unless one of us produces a strine localisation)...

Posted by Brian Fenton on
Ireland here!
Posted by Tilmann Singer on
Austria: Lanifex, me, hopefully some more?
Posted by Michel Henry de Generet on
belgium: basic support in french.
Posted by Janine Ohmer on
One of our guys is in Canada (he's actually in Germany for a year right now, but he's going back).
Posted by Roberto Mello on
Brazil is here.


Posted by kirat singh on
India is not to be left behind.
Posted by Neophytos Demetriou on
> either in companies or working as independent contractors.

Cyprus is here but I do not work as an OpenACS programmer neither in a company nor as an independent contractor.