Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Photo-album, improvements to the contrib version

Oh yeah, as long as I'm raving about the featured_p functionality, being able to send a max_number (defaulting to 1) to the random script and sending this onto the SQL query as the limit parameter may be an idea. The photo-random.adp would simply use a <multiple> tag and you'd be able to show more than one random photo at a time 😊.

Again, have a peek at

Posted by Jeff Davis on
You can rotate imnages in the bulk edit screen (the four radio buttons around the thumbnail -- tick the one where you want the top of the photo). I guess it should be on the single image view as well.

The other ideas sound like good ones.

Posted by Jarkko Laine on

The maxnumber thing is certainly a good idea. It might need a bit of extra thought, though, since showing more than one photo at a time would require some layout tweaking. Some might want the pictures side by side, others beneath each other... Now when we only show one picture, we don't have to think about it since we only return the photo and the link surrounding it.