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10: Re: html in emails. (response to 1)
Posted by Richard Hamilton on
Good spot - furious and inaccurate typing!
11: Re: html in emails. (response to 10)
Posted by Alfred Werner on
Well - the reason I noticed is I am implementing this for a client who wants his notifications to go out with his company's look and feel. I have it working, just trying to see  who else has played with this and whether there has been enough interest to post a patch. Being a pine user mainly, I of course want the text/plain to not break :)

I'm thinking of adding a patch to acs-mail-lite to add a parameter with the full path of a single mail template which gets ns_adp_parse'd with just one variable substitution .. <%= $body %> and included as multipart/alternative.

It's acs-mail-LITE so I'm not trying to kill an ogre, just add some simple functionality.

What did you come up with on your end?