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13: Re: html in emails. (response to 1)
Posted by Timo Hentschel on
We enhanced acs-mail-lite and wrote a mailing-list package for greenpeace that Malte's gonna upload soon to the HEAD in the contrib-section.

What does it do? The mailing-list package enables you to send plaintext/html/multipart/alternative mails with/without any attachments to a group of users.

We enhanced acs-mail-lite to provide a bounce management support, i.e. it tracks bounced emails and sets users.email_bouncing_p='t' if mails keep bouncing for the same user. It also provides a service-contract that's been called for every bounced mail so that other packages can hook in and execute their custom code for dealing with bouncing mails (the same mechanism could be used to insert email-replies to bboard-postings in the db).

14: Re: html in emails. (response to 13)
Posted by Alfred Werner on
That's great news! So I assume that's coming in before the 5.0 feature freeze?
15: Re: html in emails. (response to 14)
Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
We face some challenges with General Comments installation in the latest checkout, but once we get around this issue and can test against latest CVS, we will upload. Let's say by wednesday ?
16: Re: html in emails. (response to 15)
Posted by Alfred Werner on
Awesome :)
18: Re: bounce management (response to 13)
Posted by Doug Harris on
How are you managing bounces? Have you configured OACS to handle SMTP traffic on port 25? Or is your mailserver running a script which interacts with the database?

I've considered something like this, in combination with an extra header, something like "X-OACS-USER-ID: 12345". Since bounced mail usually returns with the full headers, finding this pattern and flagging something in the db is easier than doing the pattern match on email.

Or are you doing something else entirely?

I'm most curious.