Forum OpenACS Improvement Proposals (TIPs): TIP #19 (Approved): Merge dotlrn and openacs CVS repositories

I propose that we merge the openacs and dotlrn CVS repositories, by simply moving the dotlrn packages into the openacs-4/packages tree where appropriate.

As it currently stands, the fact that dotlrn is in a separate repository is simply a nuisance when telling people to do checkouts, when updating, when developing, when deploying the test servers, etc.

I wondered, why we do this anyway ;). After all, they are not different products and we include other packages in the tree as well.

Alternatively we could include the latest OpenACS release in the dotLRN CVS tree.

approved.  (with caveat that we should be careful to preserve the change history and tell people how to fix a local checkout).