Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: New HEAD HTTPS behaviour breaks login ...

Posted by Randy O'Meara on

Remember that you're working with HEAD. At this point in time there is phenomenal activity due to the upcoming release of 5.0. I did see a problem with redirecting to to https on HEAD a few days ago that caused the same type of symptom you describe. As of yesterday that symptom disappeared for me. You could try to sync up with current HEAD CVS, but HEAD will be a moving target until the 5.0 branch occurs. You may be better served by the 4.x branch for your tests until HEAD settles down.


Posted by Karl Thiessen on
Thanks, Randy.  I am bearing in mind that HEAD is busy and prone to breakage; as I said, I'll be revisiting it after the release, when things have settled down some.

This is a great bunch of developers, and I look forward to sinking my teeth into the code once the 5.0 release is out.