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Posted by Jay Dubanik on
When trying to make search (Intermedia) available for bboard module running on linux/oracle 8.1.7 I have noticed the following:

1. you don't need to install SWS to be able to provide search using Intermedia as the setup for the Intermedia has been already done for you during acs-content-repository installation.
see: /acs-content-repository/sql/oracle/content-search.sql

There is ctxsys index created called cr_rev_content_index, the only missing part for if is the job which would update this index on regular basis.

2. Most problems I had with Intemedia was due to INSO_FILTER which did not work and does not work. Testing INSO filter by trying to convert files from command line (executing ctxhx) gave nothing.

3. The solution I used to make intermedia to work on BLOB was setting BLOB to use NULL_FILTER