Forum OpenACS Q&A: Threading in forums... examples that work?

Anyone know of a good examples of a quality frame free threaded forum view that is usable?


Posted by bill kellerman on
though it's not really a "forum", has a structured, threaded layout for posts -- similar to the example link frank gave.

the code is open source and available at  i don't know the quality.

Posted by Peter Alberer on
in my opinion the forums at are looking quite good. have a look
Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
If we go for forums: StudIP. Awesome demo I got in a conference lately. Take a look at (all german, sorry guys). You can only see half the functionality there though. What I really like is their definable color coding or threads. And the ability to print a whole thread (print preview).

This software actually has quite some good ideas that we should reuse for dotLRN.