Forum OpenACS Improvement Proposals (TIPs): Re: TIP #25 (Proposed): No direct manipulation of the CVS repository

Peter - I didn't say that the repository had been broken into, I said that it has been broken. As a result of manually shifting directories around inside the cvsroot the revision history no longer works, such that tags/branches made over a fortnight or so ago no longer refer to the same source tree they did when they were tagged. I'm not talking about a TIP for the decision to move those packages to obsolete, I'm talking about a TIP for messing with the repository structure directly.

One possible way of making that change that would both preserve the revison history of those packages and prevent the current brokenness would be to duplicate rather than move the repository directories in question, and then in a correctly checked out working copy "cvs rm" them from HEAD. This would leave entries for (for example) acs-workflow in the main packages directory so that the tags for 4.x releases could still refer to the actual source trees that were released (strictly speaking you'd get a copy of the released sources plus duplicate copies of the packages in question in the obsolete directory, but I'd rather have a second copy sitting around that I won't use, than have no copy of a package I depend on).