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6: update, nearing release (response to 1)
Posted by Todd Gillespie on
I am announcing the initial release at the end of the week.
tDAV supports all methods in RFC2518, which is all the methods in WebDAV except the recent additions to versioning.  In testing the error cases, it passes all tests in the litmus[1] test suite, minus one Unicode problem.
For authentication, we are using nsperm, and are writing some admin functions to tie into the OpenACS user auth system.
It currently only integrates with Dave Bauer's oacs-dav package (for the OACS file-storage module), but it is being generalized to allow other backends to add DAV access as well.

You can get the sources from CVS via:
cvs login
cvs -z3 co tDAV
...or wait a few days for a tarball with documentation.