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Posted by Carl Robert Blesius on
Took a minute to find this again (posts are hard to find again once they starts sinking into the forums).

Looking at the different translation it seems that there are some inconsistencies in the way "Class", "Subject", and "Department" are being translated.

Here are two examples to make this more clear for translators:

(Faculty = Liberal Arts)*
Department = Classical Studies
Subject = Greek
Possible Classes = Greek 101 for first year students, Greek 201 for second year, Greek 201 Works of Plato

(Faculty = Business)*
Department = Management
Subject = Organization Studies
Possible Classes = Managerial Psychology, Leading Effective Teams, etc.

*assigning departments/subjects/courses to a faculty is not yet possible

Posted by Matthias Melcher on
"Subject = Greek,
Possible Classes = Greek 101 for first year students, Greek 201 for second year ..."

No, Carl, I think Nagita is right, and that you will run into trouble at latest in the new term if you mix classes and class instances. The name "subject" should not mislead us to ignore that we have only 2 hierarchy levels, i. e., "department" (that does not deserve this name), and class.

Therefore I would recommend to use "Greek" as the higher hierarchy level ("department"), and "Greek 101 for first year students" or "Greek 201 for second year" as the lower hierarchy level (class). Otherwise, mapping Fall and Spring instances will be almost impossible.

Another problem is that the system abuses these NAMES as ADDRESSES in URLs such that these URLs violate a central Web-Design rule #9 of .