Forum OpenACS Improvement Proposals (TIPs): Re: TIP #25 (Proposed): No direct manipulation of the CVS repository

Oh, another important reason to avoid any non-Open-Source revision control (SCM) tool: (Important because it effects me :)

Whatever SCM tool the OpenACS project uses should also be easily useable by everyone who uses OpenACS, and can be depended upon to stay that way indefinitely, even if those OpenACS users are doing their own closed source work! This requirements turns out to basically means that only an Open Source tool will do.

I've written OpenACS packages which are used only within my own company, and which we generally don't intend to ever release at all, never mind release as Open Source. It would be really frustrating if due to licensing concerns, for my own private OpenACS work, I had to use a different SCM than what OpenACS uses! Probably I wouldn't do that, I'd just shell out the bucks for a license of whatever closed-source SCM tool I needed - but that's a decision we probably don't want to force upon OpenACS users.