Forum OpenACS Improvement Proposals (TIPs): Re: TIP #25 (Proposed): No direct manipulation of the CVS repository

What do you mean by "manipulating an arch repository"?

For example, for CVS I can interact with a CVS repo with any of the following tools:

  • WinCVS (CVS Gui for windows)
  • TortoiseCVS (Windows Explorer shell extension)
  • pcl-cvs in Emacs
  • CVS plugin for Eclipse
  • ViewCVS web interface

Just to name a few. That way my less command-line savvy users have the warm fuzzies of a GUI. And WinCVS in particular has a really cool graphical branch viewer that makes it easy to see what happened in the past. Those kinds of things. "Third Party Tool Support" for lack of a better term is what I was thinking.

Emacs integration in particular is something we would really miss.