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Posted by bill kellerman on

unless some kind soul offers help through irc (which was the case here), i wouldn't assume irc to be your first line of support with openacs.

it is better to start out in the forums.  use the site search to check if anyone else is having a problem like yours, then post your questions into the forum.  try to be as clear as possible on what your problem is, what software versions you are running, what exact commands you are executing during the procedure, and include any error messages you may be receiving.

maybe i'm wrong, but probably more people watch the forums by email than attend the irc channel at any particular time.  i've found posts i've made responded to within a couple of hours at the most.

maybe there should be a 976helpoacs.  3.95 a minute, all profits go to me.  i volunteer to maintain this package.  killer business model.  done.