Forum OpenACS Q&A: edit this page and include graphics from photo-album

My need for web publishing right now is limited to publishing text with some relevant small images with links to the bigger image.
I understand the CMS does this, but for me is a too complex tool and I will need a lot more info and learning to use it at its full capacity.
So I decided to use edit-this-page which works well for my needs. At the moment I can integrate images by putting the relevant link to the image previously stored in photo-album (i.e. <a href="photo-album/photo?photo_id=525"><img src="photo-album/images/530" height=75 width=100> )
I am thinking that it may be a good exercise as a beginner to write some tcl that allows the following process to take place: edit content, write text, decide I want to insert an image, click the insert image link, this takes me to the photo album, click the desired thumbnail, takes me back to the editing and the appropriate link to the image has been inserted automatically (a bit like how insert 'internal link' work)
I have tried the modetp package but it didn't install very well.
Already written by Harish from Azri. At least nearly in the order you describe. Please contact him about it, he might be willing to share the code with you. AFAIK it only works Oracle (but yes, ETP works on Oracle ;)).
Hi Paul,
      I have created a similar functionality that you are asking here. Please do visit the following url to check the functionality.:
test user :
password: openacs

Posted by Jorge Garcia on
Hi, Harish:

I'm interested in this feature, too.

But the link you sent, tells me to await the intructions in the mail for your server e-mail account.

I can't login.

Thanks for your help.


I am sorry about that. It does not need you to login.
Posted by C. R. Oldham on

I wasn't able to make this work--when logging in as your test user I get a permissions violation for the dotLRN instance.

Is there code available somewhere that does the image linking?  Thanks for your help.


Well ... finally we have the user approved 😊 . So you can safely browse and check the functionality.

Check ETP at:

Posted by C. R. Oldham on


This I think is something we have been looking for in ETP. When trying to test it, however, to select a new image for the Content Image for example, I get

Request Error

ora8.c:3600:ora_tcl_command: error in `OCIStmtExecute ()': ORA-01400: cannot insert NULL into ("AIESEC4"."SITE_WIDE_INDEX"."OBJECT_NAME")
ORA-04088: error during execution of trigger 'AIESEC4.CR_REVISIONS_SWS_INSERT_TR'
ORA-06512: at "AIESEC4.CONTENT_REVISION", line 193
ORA-06512: at "AIESEC4.ETP", line 158
ORA-06512: at line 3

  :1 := etp.create_new_revision(:package_id, :name, :user_id);

Also, are you able to make this code available?

How do you do that when etp doesn't allow img tags for security reasons?
Hi Robert,

you can allow img and src tags in the kernel paramaters.
However this is actually a security risk, so I am back rummaging through the open-acs forums, to find a better way.


XOWiki handles graphics very nicely. XINHA is tied into file storage so that users can upload graphics and put them in the page in one step.

You can try it out on openacs.

I just used it here last night.

I wrote up some documentation for a customer here:

For clients with either dotLRN or dotFOLIO we hook up the XINHA editors to the users shared docuemnts folder in thier own file storage package. This lets us put this functionality into Forums etc.

This is a better user experience for the end user but it still requires that we accept image tags in the rich text widget.

Thanks, Caroline!

This is great.

Thanks Caroline, I'll try xowiki next time I've got a free moment.
For now this is also seem a good alternative (validating the img attribute to make sure that is of mime type)