Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: my 2 cents -(from another newbie)

Posted by Pavel Boghita on
I feel I am in a similar boat here. I also been messing about with Oacs for some time and my only wish was that I went straight into programming after highschool and did nothing else. On the other hand something inside me tells me that my non-programming experience could also prove/has proved useful, so maybe it was all for a reason.
As far as OpenAcs is concerned I firstly appreciate the fact that the code is open. I know this is trivial, but it doesn't stop me appreciate it. The fact that all seems to be script whether is sql, tcl,  is also good. It allows me to see how stuff is put together and learn from it.
Yes, it is hard, I used to spend months just installing things but now I can do full system installation (operating system and all) in a matter of hours. And still I fell as if I am scratching the surface of what I need to learn. But that's the nature of things. I know that if I am to make a success of my web development skill I've got to master pretty much everything from scripting TCL and writting sql querries on the fly to backup solution, thin client set-up etc.
As far as posting on the forum is concerned, I also feel intimidated by the skill and depth of knowledge of some people here, but this only means that I have good models to follow which could only be good. While the indimation factor is real, I tend to just not bother too much about it. Yes it makes me think more before asking questions and sometimes I feel I am getting it wrong anyway, but at the end of the day what's the worse that can happen ? My post either gets ignored and some good-intended sould tells me to go and read stuff... which is also good.