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Posted by Felix Paco on
Hi to every dotLRN's member,

I'm a beginner in development dotLRN's world and I've been trying to install and edit a theme for several days, and I haven't progressed enough. Can anyone help me installing/editing a custom theme in dotLRN, any idea?

Thanks in advance.

Posted by Emmanuelle Raffenne on

Which theme did you try to install and edit?

Currently there are 2 themes available in dotLRN: theme-zen and theme-selva. Theme-zen is the newest one and the one installed by default.

Posted by vivian Aguilar on
Hello Felix.
1. First i recommend to use Developer Support tool is very useful in order to see what pages are involved when the portal is loaded.
Install Developer Support and use the ADP tool.

2. If you are using Firefox you can install the FireBug tool that will give you good information about images and css locations, and it lets you edit things just for testing purposes.


Posted by Felix Paco on
Hi to everybody,

first of all thank you for yours posts. My aim is to install a custom skin/theme made of myself. I tried to edit both Zen and Selva themes in order to get any idea of how can I manage to install my custom theme, but I haven't understand them at all. I would like for a administrator of the site to be able to choose my custom skin/theme.

I will try to install Developer Support tool as well as FireBug, and I will informe you how the work is going.

Do you know any schema of how can I design my custom theme in order to install it in dotLRN platform?

Thank you in advance.

Posted by Felix Paco on
Hi all,

I found a thread in this forum regarding about what a I was trying to do:

How to use kelp design on oacs-5-2?

In this thread I've learned how to install a new theme in dotLRN. The following thing, is to make my own theme and install it as it is explained.

The only thing that I am having problems is with de default template, in this moment I am not able to tell dotLRN that the new theme is the default one. Anyone knows anything?

The developer tool is very usefool.

Thank you for all.