Forum OpenACS Q&A: Make command fails for AOLserver PGSQL Driver


I get as far as untaring, editing my make file, then entering the make
command returns:

postgres.c:43:libpg-fe.h: No such file or directory
make: *** [postgres.o] Error 1

I have verified that libpg-fe.h is located in the /usr/include/pgsql
which is the directory I specified in the make file.

What stupid thing am I doing wrong now? I'm trying the Postgresql
route because I don't have the resources to run Oracle.


I had not uncommented the appropriate COPTS line in the make file. Sorry to bug you all!

Like Philip, I found libpg-fe.h in /usr/include/pgsql, and I set
POSTGRES = /usr/include/pgsql
in the nspostgres/Makefile However, there is another definition in the same Makefile:
MODLIBS = $(POSTGRES)/libs/libpq.a
for which there is no corresponding module name. There does exist a $(POSTGRES)/libs directory, but there are only two .h files, and no .a files I went ahead and compiled postgres without the MODLIBS definition, but does anyone know where the libpq.a file is, and whether it is kosher to compile without it? Thanks,