Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Some Feedback From an OpenACS Newbie

Posted by Torben Brosten on
Torben, I gotta say your post makes no sense.

It's a zen statement aimed at nothing in particular, yet everything related to the topic all at once. A conversation with myself?

I'm not sure where you're coming from or what you're trying to present.

I was addressing the creation of a TIP without thorough consideration to its impact. Above are some reasons to reject a TIP that demands fulldisclosure of operations.

The burden of technical (and other) competence remains, regardless of level of disclosure in the decision process.

I thought to recommend writing a TIP asking the OCT to ignore TIPs that are not related to technical / implementation aspects of OpenACS, but they do manage operational decisions.

from TIPno.2: TIP stands for "OpenACS Improvement Proposal." A Proposal could be anything that changes the OpenACS codebase, best practices, or web site, significantly enough to need a stamp of approval.

The relevance of the issue seems to depend on how "web site" or "best practices" are defined. I'm stopping my particpation in this pre-TIP discussion with this post. TIPs away! =)