Forum OpenACS Q&A: cannot open shared object file

I'm having a few problems starting up the Aolserver. After starting
the server [./bin/nsd8x -t nsd.tcl -u nsadmin] I get the following
errors in the server.log file.

1.) /home/nsadmin/aolserver/bin/ cannot open
shared object file. No such file or directory.  The file does however
exist and I've set the [LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/pgsql/lib export
LD_LIBRARY_PATH] No matter what I do the same error appears in the
server.log file.

2.) Error :nscp : could not listen on
      Error : could not load : NS_moduleinit returned -1
      Fatal : could not load ncsp:so

Any ideas

Posted by Lamar Owen on
Is executable permission set properly for
Try updating /etc/ and linking /usr/local/pgsql/lib from /usr/lib/pgsql. That seemed to resolve some LIB issues for me. Also, a couple of times it was because the LIB path was not correct in the make file for the driver so I had to remake. Not an expert just some thoughts.
Posted by Roberto Mello on
You need to RTFM !

In item 5.2 of the Installation and Documentation for ACS/pg is the sollution for your problem. Read the documentation and THEN ask questions.

Posted by mark rohn on
Thank you all for your quick responses. Lamar you are right, my PGSQL directory did not have execute permission.



I have the same problem with the library!
In my case the story with the seting the executable permission for the library didn't help. I thik the rest I intaled corect and I don't understand this problem. What I can do more?
Please help!

Posted by Eric Webber on
WHERE OH WHERE in the friggin DOCS does it say that /usr/local/pgsql
must be EXECUTABLE ????????????????????????????????????????????

This would be a NICE addition to add. works FINE, so long as the directory is EXECUTABLE.  All the other suggestions are fine, but this should be CLEARLY stated in the documentation.
Gee wilikers !  Thanks again for all who helped !!!

Posted by Roberto Mello on
It doesn't. I will add it to the docs but that should be obvious... the "x" permission for directories mean "accessible" not "executable" (you can't execute a directory).

Unless you have a reason not to, directories ususally should be set to 755 so everyone can access it but only tho owner can write to it.

Hey, the OpenACS docs don't tell you how to install Linux, either!!!!
What's up with that!?

Seriously, the Postgres install docs cover everything or if you are
installing RPMs they should set everything up properly.

There is no shorter way than reading the fine manual 😊