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7: Re: Who is Using .LRN? (response to 1)
Posted by Matthew Burke on
One-half of the CS department at St. Mary's College of Maryland (i.e. me) has been using .LRN for one semester and OACS for 1.5 years.

One of the biggest headaches has been not being able to bulk load calendar items.  Most of the other problems have not been specific to .LRN but have been OACS stuff.  For example, I continue to have headaches when upgrading packages and OACS versions.

An item that might be of interest to some folks is that I have  (slowly) been working on some tools to allow an OACS install to send and receive IM (from AIM only now but will add a few other services soon).  If you can't or don't want to use the Jabber tools this might (when it's ready for prime time) be of some use.  Currently I am using it in a pilot program where I have students use it for keeping a metacognitive diary.

8: Re: Who is Using .LRN? (response to 7)
Posted by Bruce Spear on
I am reporting from the Free University of Berlin, where we have four courses and about 200 users in the social sciences connecting to .LRN v1 since the semester began two weeks ago.

This is a bottom-up initiative in a notoriously top-down institutional setting, but thanks to the efforts of many (including the .LRN folks I mentioned in a recent post here) we are quickly gaining interest and support from faculty and adminstration.

Our immediate goal is to develop user tutorials, a manual of best practices, and build a small community of dedicated users upon which we may seek additional funding to support our present instance and expanding but still modest user base.

At this point, we are less concerned with developing additional features than we are with helping make the current feature set more user-friendly. Hence, my solicitation of interest in documentation.