Forum OpenACS Q&A: Package Owners

Posted by Alfred Essa on
Is someone planning to update the list of Package Owners? It hasn't been updated since August of last year. Is this a responsibility of the core team? A number of important packages have "Open Force" as the owner. Last I heard OF doesn't exist any more.
2: Re: Package Owners (response to 1)
Posted by Jeff Davis on
That ones a little stale; here is the latest:
I guess we should put a pointer in to the new one.
3: Re: Package Owners (response to 1)
Posted by Carl Robert Blesius on
Removed the old list and pointed to the new version.

I changed the ETP application of parent page so it doesn't point to the old version in the list view (and added some links that make more sense for the page).

Doesn't really make sense to maintain a list like that by hand with the back-end we have (pulling the person being notified for each component in the bug-tracker would make more sense).

There was another old document there that should probably be removed as well:

Someone else should take a look at that.


P.S. Note for Joel and Dave: would be nice if we could link to permanent addresses in the documentation from the site (I linked to the Development Tutorial in openacs-HEAD because it doesn't exist here: ) I hope that we can start using and that the quest for the Holy Grail of easy updates openacs knights are on will make that possible soon.