Forum OpenACS Q&A: ]project-open[ Enters "IT Services Management"

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Just to let you know about our ]po[ roadmap: We are currently preparing an "integrated OSS application stack" for the management of services in IT departments.

In the past we had specialized on the very narrow vertical sector of translation agencies in order to make some money with ]po[. We've been fairly successful so far (we've been rated #1 application in that area), but now this "niche" has become too small for further growth.

So we have decided to enter the market of IT Services Management. Basically, we want to be "everything but the kitchen sink" for IT departments, integrating ]po[ with other open-source applications to form an integrated "solution":
- GanttProject (project scheduling, status: running)
- OpenProj (project scheduling, status: under development)
- OCS Inventory (inventory management, status: first customer)
- BugZilla (bug tracker, status: planning)
- OTRS (bug tracker, status: planning)
- Big Brother (IT monitoring, status: basic functionality)
- Nagios (IT monitoring, status: planning)
- ...

We're already working on this project for a while, so the first 3 ITSM modules are already running (Configuration Management with import from OCS Inventory, Release Management and Change Management). Also, Switzerland's 4th largest bank is running their IT completely on this solution, so we've got a nice reference customer.

There is quite some money around in this sector and you guys should be ideal "implementation partners", so please let us know if you want to sign up.

The ITSM solution will be based on ]po[ V3.4, probably based on OpenACS 5.3 or OpenACS 5.4. Malte is already running such a configuration. Also, I assume that V3.4 will be installable on top of any existing OpenACS system.