Forum OpenACS Q&A: OpenACS ERP demo available

Posted by Claudio Pasolini on
Dear community,

I'm glad to inform you that a live demo of our ERP system called 'ALTER' is available at our company site.

The demo system runs on OpenACS 5.3 and PostgreSQL 8.2 and is configured for a typical commercial company, without the 'bill of material' and 'production' modules (we use the latters on a per project basis).

The following packages are downloadable from the site:

  • mis-base is the core of the system
  • mis-acct is the accounting subsystem
  • mis-purc is the purchasing subsystem
  • mis-sales is the sales subsystem
  • mis-wh is the warehousing subsystem
  • mis-bom is the bill of material subsystem
  • ah-util is a library of common procedures
  • z-customizations is a library of modified Oacs procs
Now the bad news.

The system is not internationalized (rigth now) and is italian only.

Posted by Frank Bergmann on
Great stuff, congratulations!

I´m particularly interested in the relationship between the operational management (stock movements, ...) and the accounting system. Did you find a general scheme for that link or are the rules specific to the Italian accounting rules?

Compiere and OpenBravo have attracted big VC money recently and have become the stars of the "Open Source Meets Business" conference in Nuremberg. Any aspirations?


Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
Interesting. In the E4 project we are using ]po[ on top of OpenACS 5.4 with TWiST webservices to use ]po[ for the production lifecycle for the production of a product based on a bill of material, stored in code written in Java / .NET.

It would go a little bit far to spell it all out, but what we achieved so far is the ability to create a preliminary BOM based on existing products in a cluster of companies and provide the best network based on KPIs, allowing us to come up with a concrete BOM with the supplier of the component filled in. Each component has a workflow associated with it which, upon production start will trigger the creation of tasks in ]po[ for the various types of managers.

The system explicitly does not try to interface with existing PPS systems, this is something one has to do manually.

Now looking at what you are offering, an integration with your ERP purchasing, accounting and wharehousing system would be a good addition. Not to mention the fact that our partners are located in Milan and Turino, therefore language is not an issue :-).

We are having develop meetings in March, April and June, so maybe you could join us for one of these and see where an integration with ALTER would take us. It would be nice to plug and play with the various OpenACS flavours and come up with something much bigger than the sum of the parts.

Posted by Claudio Pasolini on
Hi Frank & Malte,

thank for your interest.


despite my poor English, today I'll write down a short note to clarify how Alter manages the flow of informations between the operational areas and accounting and then I'll post a link here.


me and Luca are more than happy to meet you and discuss your issues during one of your planned meeting. Let me know your planned dates and locations via email.


Posted by Claudio Pasolini on
It seems that I will need more time to write a complete overview, but anyway I started it and it can be viewed here where the data model can be navigated with SchemaSpy.