Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Upload Portrait Issues

Posted by Nathan Reeves on
Okay.  Apologies for complete lack of reference with the B3.

That was supposed to be OpenACS B3.  

I've just updated the postgres driver and the image upload works
great now. My fault on this one. I had used an older version of
the postgres driver.

Next problem I face at the moment is trying to create a release in
the SDM. I can enter the details of the release, the user
search brings up the correct email address but once I pick the
email address I get the error "Database operation "dml" failed.

Checking the server error log shows the following [02/May/2000:08:51:51][2256.6148][-conn2-] Notice: var: package_id [02/May/2000:08:51:51][2256.6148][-conn2-] Notice: var: release_id [02/May/2000:08:51:51][2256.6148][-conn2-] Notice: var: major_version [02/May/2000:08:51:51][2256.6148][-conn2-] Notice: var: minor_version [02/May/2000:08:51:51][2256.6148][-conn2-] Notice: var: patch_version [02/May/2000:08:51:51][2256.6148][-conn2-] Notice: var: beta_version [02/May/2000:08:51:51][2256.6148][-conn2-] Notice: var: supported_platforms [02/May/2000:08:51:51][2256.6148][-conn2-] Notice: var: unsupported_platforms [02/May/2000:08:51:51][2256.6148][-conn2-] Notice: var: general_description [02/May/2000:08:51:51][2256.6148][-conn2-] Notice: var: user_id_from_search [02/May/2000:08:51:51][2256.6148][-conn2-] Notice: var: first_names_from_search [02/May/2000:08:51:51][2256.6148][-conn2-] Notice: var: last_name_from_search [02/May/2000:08:51:51][2256.6148][-conn2-] Notice: var: email_from_search [02/May/2000:08:51:52][2256.6148][-conn2-] Error: Ns_PgExec: result status: 7 message: ERROR: parser: parse error at or near "," I'm checking /www/sdm/pvt/package-add-new-2.tcl but can't see where the error is. Any ideas? Thanks for the help