Forum OpenACS Q&A: .LRN Honchos Meeting Minutes ( 11 March 2008 )

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Olga, Avni, Emma, Carl, Dave, Don, Stefan, Victor, Morals

  • Victor reported back the testing regarding Xinha strange behavior. Only happens in oacs-5-4 and head.
  • Victor will check strange behavior with expand/collpase messages of forums when replaying to a message.
  • Morals will email honchos when the work with "dotlrn: renaming dept and subject" is done.
  • Emma will check if the assessment work (use form builder where it's possible and finish html 4.01 strict validation afterwards) its done.
  • Emma working on the acs-mail-lite problem check and test with the new acs-mail-lite send proc (bulk-mail, forum, evaluation, imsld, etc.). Next she'll work on the breadcrumbs (usability work).
  • Branching of .lrn packages will happend until short list of bugs is completed ( maybe sometime this week ).

Posted by Emmanuelle Raffenne on
Hi all,

I've finished to check acs-mail-lite procs calls from .LRN packages (wasn't a problem, just a check), and finished also the usability work on breadcrumbs. (wiki updated too).