Forum OpenACS Improvement Proposals (TIPs): Re: Tip #32: (Proposed) Failure to Reload Watched Files Throws Error to the Page

What if clicking on 'watch files' in the apm would result in not only marking them watched but also in an immediate reload of all affected files in the current thread for the sole purpose to find out if there were any errors in them, and if so display a warning in the apm UI?

Not sure if that's possible but the proc apm_source seems to be usable for that.

If that worked, we wouldn't need to change the request processors behaviour to achieve a more friendly dealing with reloads.

Rejected. Needs more discussion.

Tilmann, the file-watch.tcl page actually does an ad_returnredirect at the end, so it'll incur another page hit, and hence, a reload of the procs you just asked it to watch. So you don't need to call apm_source out of order.

The APM can easily record when sourcing a file fails. This information could then be output on the APM index page showing the watches, via developer-support on every page, or in a third way, if we can think of something clever.

I'm rejecting this TIP, however. Discussion should've taken place in the "Development" forum first, so we could've had a thought through TIP.