Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Unable to delete package instance of 'Download'

Posted by Tilmann Singer on
With children - do you mean by way of context_id? This field is according to the kernel docs explicitely _only_ for security purposes (and should have been called security_context_id propably). So I wouldn't deduce any further child/parent relationships from it, at least that's what I remember from earlier discussions on this topic.
Posted by Vinod Kurup on
Yeah, I did mean children via context_id. Oh well, I guess packages will have to write their own delete-objects callbacks. I was looking for an easy way out.
Posted by Tom Jackson on

When you delete an object, you need to update all objects which use the object_id as their context_id, probably setting it to (What is the default now? -4?). This was discussed a while back, has acs_object.delete been changed to do this yet? Of course you also have rel_segments and permissions to delete as well.

Posted by Richard Hamilton on
I see the question is harder to answer than it was to ask!

Is the issue with deleting unwanted user records similar and if a solution is worked through to one problem will it be applicable to both issues?