Forum OpenACS Development: Do not use namespace qualification for PL/SQL variables

I agree with Dirk, emphatically.

In PL/SQL, referencing variables in the proc_name.variable_name style is overly verbose, hard to read, error prone, and basically disgusting in general. I was never aware of any aD "style guide" saying to do it that way, but if there was, that style guide was very misguided. IMNSHO.

If there was a convenient concise namespace notation that meant the same thing and did not constantly repeat the name of the function or procedure everywhere (which you may well want to change...), something like, this.variable_name, say, then that would be nice and maybe worth using. But there isn't, and constantly referring to the my_big_long_proc_name_foo.object_id or whatever variable is just plain obnoxious. Using p_update_date or q_update_date or a similar convention like that is much better. And the fact that this same convention also work in PostgreSQL is a nice added bonus.

Oops note that in my little example above, I meant to say, "Using p_object_id or v_object_id or some similar convention is much better."