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Posted by Joel Aufrecht on
Lars and I banged this roadmap starting point out on the train back from the Hamburg bug bash. The point of this particular roadmap is to show our progress as a collection of continuous threads that span multiple releases. This shows current work in context, helps prevent abandonment of previous work, and divides future work into manageable steps.

Next Steps

After this is hashed out a bit more, I would like to move this table to /projects/openacs, to use it as the 30,000 foot view, and to use it also as a gateway to Package Plans and Development, Proposals
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Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
*smile*. I was just about to make a posting asking for the roadmap, but there you go ;).
  • We had some discussions about packages having roadmaps independent of the core. How shall we go about this?
  • Shall we edit the document to add things that are missing or will you take care of it, and everyone else posts the ammendments to this thread? I assume the latter, therefore here I go:
  • Performance
    • (5.2): Documentation on how to scale both in hardware as well as software (how to scale your database, how to use multiple webserver, reverse proxy aso.).
    • Which monitoring package are you talking about? We use a nice one for AIESEC, which I could upload somewhere and even give a writeup to be OACS 5.0 compatible, but maybe there is something out there already.
  • I'm missing categorization and (working) site-wide search in the basic services section.
  • Developer support:
    • Change 5.2 and 5.1 goals. I think at the current stage it is more imporant to have a good way to upgrade and import changes from the core in a consisten manner than to have Eclipse support.
    • Best practises section should definitly be out there.
    • Add a book to 5.2 (containing a couple of things, like best practises, how-to aso.)
  • Wouldn't "Intranet" be a vertical feature, that we should aim for in 5.3. This would be the next big *selling* thing for OpenACS in fall 2004.
  • OpenACS Community: We should implement the installation reporting feature for 5.1 (quick summary: Report of a couple of core and maybe extended information about installations back to during the installation process, with an OPT-IN approach).
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Posted by Joel Aufrecht on
If you have ETP access, please change the file yourself. Otherwise, post here and I'll take care of it. I've added Malte's items.
  • On monitoring, there is an existing "Monitoring" package and if you have more stuff, please add it to that package.
  • What is an "Intranet" feature?
3: Re: OpenACS Roadmap (response to 1)
Posted by Jeff Davis on
Some comments:
  • Don's permissions work went in for 4.6.3 not 5.0.
  • I don't see why we would want to pull monitoring into the core - why is that necessary, what's the advantage of having it in core?
  • There is too much in the developer ease of use for 5.1.
I am really not sure that a release map with things for "6.0" should be different from unscheduled. In fact having things on the release map without people committed to delivering them seems like a mistake to me. Unless someone has committed to delivering a given item for a given release my assumption is that it won't get done; and to be honest even if someone is committed to delivering something if they are also committed to several other things it's not likely to get done.

I am not sure having a roadmap item for OpenACS community is sensible and in particular the 5.2 things seem to be mostly marketing and not community.

I think we should add an element for documentation and target development of particular documents and document sections.