Forum OpenACS Development: Re: ad_parameter deprecated in favor of parameter::get?

Tom, "clock format" with it's "-format $format_string" syntax, stuck on the end where you say optional positional params would go, does not fit into your above model at all. Tcl is ad-hoc and arbitrary on this. Even in the Tcl core, the various commands and procedures follow no firm style guidelines when it comes to order or style of arguments to functions - which seems ok to me.

db_multirow, ah, good point, I'd forgotten you could define complicated syntax like that with ad_proc. (Never had any reason to use it myself.) Ok, so then IMO, when it comes to the style of passing arguments to procedures, OpenACS and Tcl are both ad-hoc.

Of course, this all fits with (and stems from) the basic free-form nature of the Tcl syntax That, roughly, the first argument on a line is always a command, and it's up to that command to do whatever the heck it wants with all the rest of the arguments, imposing any special syntax it may care to, etc.