Forum OpenACS Q&A: SMS Broker in OpenACS?

Posted by Simon at TCB on
Don (or whoever decides this stuff these days :o),

Is there any way the smsbroker code/docs can find its way into oacs cvs or something?

I get a few people ask from time to time and it would save me hunting around on my old machine each time....

Seems a shame to waste totally functional code somehow, and more importantly as GPL'ed code it'd be nice to have somewhere any changes can be made.

We don't nedd to retain CVS control anymore, so, if someone can be persuaded to accept it, its there for anyone who wants it.

BTW its an AOLServer module primarily so is suitable for use outside of OPenACS (but benefits from being with it)


2: Re: SMS Broker in OpenACS? (response to 1)
Posted by Roberto Mello on

It would be great to have the SMS code/docs into our CVS. I proposed that a few days ago.

I can give you permissions for the contrib directory or you can mail it to me and I'll add it to CVS, whichever way you prefer.

From there we can talk to the AOLserver folks to see if they would like to maintain the AOLserver portion in the AOLserver CVS.


3: Re: SMS Broker in OpenACS? (response to 1)
Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
Simon, since you have the full CVS history of your SMS Broker code available to you, the ideal solution would probably be for you to send the actual CVS repository project files to Roberto, and he can easily just drop them into the OpenACS contrib CVS area. I think so anyway, does that sound right Roberto?

Then the OpenACS contrib version will have the full complete change history since Simon started the code, which could be valuable for anyone maintaining or extending the code in the future.