Forum OpenACS Improvement Proposals (TIPs): Re: TIP #34 (Proposed): Application package ui separation

I would like this solution as well.  I have a need for a much more customized forums solution that what the current package provides, both in functionality and UI.  I had thought about ways to provide different look-and-feel options, but I like this the best.

If this gets approved, I'd love to help make it happen for forums.

Posted by Jeff Davis on
I think it's worth looking at what Jun has done with the bcms stuff since I think it follows this model. Also, this is in essence what happens when something is portalized in dotlrn (and if we make things like admin portals and cms portals it would happen there too). We end up needing page fragments that can be included in other packages and designing with this in mind from the start would be a big win.