Forum OpenACS Q&A: Using HTML with News portlet


Have anybody modified some pages of the News
package to allow enter HTML with Xinha in the
news body?

I think of that package not use form builder
and I do not know how to change it.


Posted by Don Baccus on
The package doesn't use the form builder but should, so you're correct in your evaluation of the problem.

It's an old package that was written before the form builder was integrated into the ACS, if you're interested in the history,

Posted by Emmanuelle Raffenne on
Hi Agustin,

I've started to change the news package to use form builder and list builder but didn't finish (there's a lot to do in that package, more than I first thought).

I may finish to include it in .LRN 2.4.1. I won't have enough time for this one I'm afraid.

Anybody else interested that could do it? Would be appreciated :)

Posted by Jose Agustin Lopez Bueno on
Hi, Emma.

Thanks for the answer.

Sorry but I can help you in that.
We are very busy preparing the dotLearn instance for the next
academic year.

We are planning to put several terms in the same DB instance.
Until that year, we put every academic instance in separate DBs and urls. With both terms in the same instance, we need add some logic to the portlets to show only the selected term.

Anybody have experienced with that topic?