Forum .LRN Q&A: .LRN User Advisory Board

Posted by Alfred Essa on
Please join me in welcoming Bruce Spear (chair) Frei University of Berlin, Deirdre Kane (MIT Sloan), Dorothea Fischer (Heidelberg University), and Matthias Melcher (Heidelberg University) to the .LRN User Advisory Board. The .LRN User Advisory Board will be the primary driver of new features for .LRN. We will be naming more members in the coming weeks and months. If your institution or organization uses LRN and you wish to serve on the UAB, please let me know. In the future we will be moving towards an election process similar to OpenACS governance.
Posted by Bruce Spear on
Thanks all for the invite and encouragement!  I would think the best welcome people could give our little group is some advice on how we might best proceed!  I can think a three places where our two cents might be of use.

1.    Contributing the user perspective to on-going forum discussion and making ourselves available to anyone working on functions and interface design.  To wit,

2.    Participate in the design of the Roadmap, including helping determine priorities and specifications.

3.    Contributing to the user documentation and integration of documentation in the interface.

It would be great to learn what others think we should do.  Thanks!