Forum OpenACS Improvement Proposals (TIPs): Re: TIP #37 (Proposed): Queries in XQL file conventions

Oh, I think using "queryfiles" for most SQL rather than conditionalizing all the Tcl code was probably a good choice, I just used to wonder why the heck use XML for defining those queryfiles, rather than Tcl (sort of like the AOLserver config.tcl file). I've asked this before in other threads though, so I know the answer now: There were other reasons at the time that made XML seem more attractive, like the fact that people were making loud noises about wanting to port all the Tcl code to a Python version of OpenACS.

Of course that never happened, and probably never will. But if it ever does happen, those language-neutral XML query files will (as it stands now anyway) be there waiting for them. (Who knows, maybe those SMLserver guys will want to guys will want to write OpenACS modules in Standard ML. Maybe in some alternate universe.)

But while all that is useful to think about for whatever lessons it may teach us for future projects, it's all water long since under the bridge as far as OpenACS is concerned now.

Regardless, Lars's original proposal is much simpler and more focussed than most of this discussion. And I don't see any serious problem regardless of which way the decision goes on that proposal.