Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Turning on the pull-down menus?

Posted by David Richards on
I've messed with the silly thing for about a week now.  (OK, just from time to time.) I know that the javascript is not creating the top-most navbar items before assigning values to them.  That's where it blows.

I've been greping the heck out of everything.  I've looked at the pull-down-menus source from pages that work on and (i.e. I'm viewing the source of a page with pull-down-menus).  I decided that hasn't been fruitful yet.  I've read all the available documentation (there isn't much of it).  I've done everything I can find in the admin pages.  If there's nobody out here in the discussion boards that has gotten this to work, then I guess I'm going to have to start wading through the ../tcl libraries for help.  It seems like there's the link to the pull-down-menus from ad_header.  (Maybe it isn't passing the right info?  I don't know.)  Or, I've got to try to hack through MakeNavLayers in pdm.js.

Has anyone already got it working?  Can anyone save me the effort?