Forum OpenACS Improvement Proposals (TIPs): Re: TIP #37 (Rejected): Queries in XQL file conventions

Posted by Lars Pind on
Just a quick note on the priority argument:

What spurred this TIP is that we at Collaboraid have sped up our development by not wasting time creating and maintaining the .XQL files for common SQL.

In other words, we have contributed code with common SQL in the TCL files instead of the XQL files.

Vetoing or rejecting the current proposal incurs additional overhead on development. Specifically, it requires us to spend time that we could have on other things on the zero-gain task of moving SQL code out of Tcl files and into XQL files.

The time spent adhering to the coding standard required by this TIP could have been spent fixing bugs, pushing the release out, or adding new functionality.

As a result of the vote, we have chosen to prioritize our resources towards extra burdens on development over bug fixes.

Not a very useful prioritization IMO.

Oh, well, we can't all agree on everything. :)