Forum OpenACS Q&A: How would better marketing of OACS help you?

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I had a interesting conversation with Marty of this week on joint marketing for OACS.  I thought it was especially interesting to hear the reasons why his organization would benefit from better OACS marketing. He will be writing for himself so I won't steal his thunder here.

Talking together we decided to take a step back and write up reasons why joint marketing is good for Vendors/Users. (Do people think this is the right two groups? Are they inclusive enough of developers and clients?  Note that the "users" we am referring to are organizations that run websites based on OACS).

The plan is to write 2 pages:
Why marketing of OACS is good for vendors.
Why marketing of OACS is good for users.

Then we will take this content and create an area to coordinate joint tasks (technical details to be worked out later).

I know we have all thought about and talked about these issues before.  Please contribute with the following:

1.Write down some brainstorming ideas on why good marketing of OACS is valuable to you or your organization
2.Reach out to your clients and other end users of OACS and ask if they would contribute some of their thoughts on this topic.

I'm asking that you try not to speak for any other organization, instead try to get them to contribute themselves.  Also please try to keep it brainstorming for now and try not to digress into criticism of other people's ideas. Once we allow people to contribute ideas freely we can work on organizing and presenting the ideas and we will come back to the community for feedback at that time also.