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Posted by Alfred Werner on
There was a discussion of address-book on irc the other day - it doesn't work correctly because there are some calls to the place:: namespace, but I haven't found it anywhere.

Any clue as to where it has gone?

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Posted by Jade Rubick on
Alfred, I haven't looked into it personally, but I think it's more than just the place:: functions (I believe those have been moved to /obsolete-packages, by the way).

I think if I needed an address-book, I'd build it on top of itu-telecom, ref-addresses (or something like that), and organizations.

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Posted by Alfred Werner on
I don't need an address book :)

The question came up if address-book was any good, so I installed it to see if it was the same-old same-old that was implemented several years ago and has always been looked at as having limited functionality.

When I saw that the first thing you have to do - ADD Contact - bombs with an error to a call to place::something_or_other I went looking through ALL the openacs packages in HEAD including contrib and obsolete - it's not anywhere.

I'm assuming it existed at one time.

It seems that if a package is in the main repository it should work, regardless of whether people think it's great - it sucks, or whatever.

There are two solutions - either just move address-book to obsolete-packages or somebody fess up that they stole place:: !!! :)

A similar situation exists with CMS - it relies on acs-workflow - which has been moved to obsolete-packages. I personally, when trying to look at CMS thought it meant workflow - which is a new package. The solution there is easier, just symlink from under packages to ../contrib/obsolete-packages/acs-workflow and at least you can install and not get errors ...

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Posted by Jeff Davis on
places was cvs removed by Don on August 19th, 2001. You could check out places as of the 18th from CVS and see if you can make address book work with it and if you think it's worth resurecting but I think the short answer is probably no. (the code is in the module packages/places).
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Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
I wasted several days trying to use the old Address Book package (for a client site) on ACS 4.2 back in 2001, and as I've described elsewhere in the forums, my evaluation at the time was that it was roughly 85% worthless junk. I had many more details then but that was the bottom line. Most people who looked into it independently seemed to reach similar conclusions, thus, I'd bet that little or no work at all has been put into the Address Book code since the original maintainers at aD orphaned it in early 2001.
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Posted by Ben Koot on
Hi folks,

This discussion keeps crawling up every few months. Would it be an idea to put up a poll on where people could indicate what they are looking for as far as functionality, and create solutions from that fundament.

Just a thought

7: Re: Who stole place:: ?? (response to 1)
Posted by Alfred Werner on
I don't really think it's TIP-able but shouldn't we just move it to contrib or obsolete-packages? It has at least one broken dependency, everyone seems to agree it's not really worth restoring in any case. Just seems like bad PR to keep it in the main tree if there's no hope of it working. It's alphabetically first in the list and it doesn't work :)
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Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
Address Book certainly is long since obsolete, so moving the package there sure makes sense to me, Alfred.