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Most sites I have launched have required some customization of the user-new pages to collect client specific information.

Currently I have a fairly simple requirement: Collect a dotLRN student ID on creation of a new account.

In 4.6 and below this is simple matter of hacking the user-new series of pages.

The 5.0 authentication looks like it has the potential to be more elegant but its far more confusing. Based on the spec. ( it looks like I need to change one or more service contracts.

Lars, anyone else, any other hints before I dive in and start trying things? Some sort of customization is a very common requirement in my experience and the "best practice" should get documented somewhere.


Posted by Hamilton Chua on
I would like to follow up on this request too.

I have just downloaded the tar.gz of the final release of Openacs 5.0 and I am studying the authentication parts.

It seems that you can define several "authentication sources" or authorities. Looks good if you need a totally different registration process/page. However, what if you would like to stick to the current registratio process but just add one or two attributes like student ID as mentioned above ? What would be the best approach ?

Posted by Jade Rubick on
This question is in the FAQ: