Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to The whole java thing, Tclblend and Webmail

Posted by Li-fan Chen on
Another question, I played with JDK1.2.x from Sun (Blackdown) some. But the future of GNU java-related projects seem bright as time passes (and MS<->Sun<->IBM<->tandards groups politics flames on) I thought maybe we can try to have OpenACS use the GNU tools instead of Sun's or IBM's tools. That means dealing with beta compilers (GCJ) and Personal Java (Kaffe) instead of the glorious JDK1.3.x from the masters of VMs (Sun and IBM)... but in time things should better. So are you all interested in GNU java-related tools now? Or think we should wait and stick with Sun's idiot-proof development kits (Blackdown) and licenses?