Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to OpenACS memory requirements

Posted by Li-fan Chen on
You might get an unique opportunity with PostgreSQL and AOLserver to serve more people:
  • Because memory is quite cheap and fast now days.
  • Even those fancy ECC ram.
  • If you don't give PostgreSQL more ram than it knows what to do with (is this possible? nah *grin*), you could always utilize it as caching.
  • Caching could be as simple as more extensive use of nsv_set or ns_share caching of oft requested sql views through util_memoize or whatever. This could work for some applications, like chats.
  • Heck do this: 1) lilo: linux ramdisk=512000 and then 2) format a ram disk (e.g./dev/ram4) and then mount -t ext2 /dev/ram4 /usr/local/pgsql/data. Why do this? It could be slightly better security-wise to never write to the hard drive for sensitive information. Or only encrypt what you write to the hard drive. But...
    • You probably use OpenBSD if you care that much about security for a web server anyway..
    • You'd also have to mark swap off for whatever encryption keys you have in ram--if that's not possible--at least encrypt the swapping and ensure you very very rarely swap
    • But a ram disk not so smart in terms of achieving ACID--unless you have two servers at two different cohosts mirroring each other's ram drive Oh no, I'm babbling.. daydreaming.... 😟