Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: extending the xowiki page class

Posted by Stefan Sobernig on

[15/May/2008:12:39:46][7030.3069311888][-conn:dodss-cleat::4] Notice: --try en:multiple-output-types -> 0, ::1390 ::xowiki::Package->resolve_request (2902ms, 3ms)
[15/May/2008:12:39:46][7030.3069311888][-conn:dodss-cleat::4] Notice: no prototype for 'multiple-output-types' found, ::1390 ::xowiki::Package->resolve_page (2903ms, 0ms)

the only way I can reproduce that behaviour (and the second log message) is by

  1. mangling file-level permissions on xowiki/www/prototypes/ so that the running user can't read the file
  2. the file is not present at that very location
  3. internally, the prototype logic uses a [file readable ...] which returns 0 in either of the above cases.

    so, i'd say: check permissions and file ownership.


Posted by Matthew Smith on
It started working today for some unknown reason. The permissions are rw on the file now, I don't know if they changed somehow. Thank you for the help.