Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to openACS/ACS hosting options--Any ISP's?

Posted by Li-fan Chen on
I think furfly is trying very hard to help ACS developers put their development or production boxes on a quality cohost. So if you think you can afford that (by yourself with with a bunch of friends--all websites run a DB and web server after all) yup you must check em out.

Actually I am working on enhancing ACS's chat and bboard services and want to cohost soon. I could shell out a basic server and around CA$250 for my part of the hosting fee. I am very interested in working with furfly to see if I can find others to share my server and cohosting cost. So that we can afford more than CA$250/mo in the end. I have heard of USD$500/mo sites where they give you quite a bit of traffic (some ISPs think in terms of overall load per day--4 Mbits/sec or less is about what I am after per server ..and they are nice enough to not charge by the gig) and that's very exciting to me.

So unlimited traffic (within reason) or high quality cohosting in Boston? I think I can afford one or the other--especially by sharing the box and rental fees.