Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Mailing-List package released

Posted by Caroline Meeks on
Thanks for bringing this package back up for discussion.

In the last week or so e-newsletters have come up in a couple of contexts for me and I may have a project that needs them.

Here is a commercial company that specializes in e-newsletters.

Is this actually closer to what people  referred to as a newletter then a mailing list?

To me a mailing list is generally people talking back and forth in plain text.

An eNewsletter is an image rich, html document that is mass mailed to a list of subscribers.

Does this package support both of these options or something in between?

I recently implemented clickthrough for urls stored in file-storage with Davb's new fs-cms (file storage based CMS), how similar is the tracking on this package to clickthrough?  I guess clickthrough is for tracking out going clicks and this is tracking incoming links.

I may need to expand clickthrough to track views of pdf documents in File Storage. Is the tracking in this package applicable/better for that?