Forum OpenACS Q&A: Has Anybody Done A PostgreSQL Spreadsheet?

I need to report daily sales, with commissions, to the database,
updating the salespeople's and offices accrued commissions and
advances. This is essentially a spreadsheet function, so I wonder if
anybody has done anything like it yet?
Posted by Don Baccus on
I don't know of anything that gives full spreadsheet functionality.  However, pg_access can simplify the manipulation of data by hand.  Pg_access is an incomplete work-in-progress, adding capability to it would undoubtably be welcomed by the PG folks.

The author's been too busy to work on it recently, but an interested user/hacker has added some new capabilities to it.  There was some discussion about it a couple of weeks ago, but I had a horrible case of the flu and quit monitoring the pg_hackers group.  You can find archives of the mailing lists at if you're interested.


Many thanks. I'll take a look at it.

Take your vitamin C: don't get flu, no, you hear? You are a national resource, and flu is therefore verboten.


Posted by Li-fan Chen on
Off topic: has an web spreadsheet.