Forum OpenACS Q&A: Killer openACS Apps, name your favourite...

Hi everyone,

I wanted to try an experiment. There are loads of packages for OpenACS out there which aren't part of the core, just looking through the CVS can take a good few hours. I thought if we made a thread where everyone posted their favourite package we could maybe bring some of the more obscure but useful apps out of the shadows.

I'll be boring and start this off by saying that I love xowiki, I think it's a fantastic package and couldn't have made my site so great without it.

Anyone else?

Agreed, xowiki rocks! we are basing a lot (most) of our new developments in xowiki / xotcl.
Posted by Ciaran De Buitlear on
I vote for templated letters.....
Posted by Michael Cordova on
I should have titled this post as "killer OpenACS package" instead of "... Apps" if you are interested on what package has more fans 😉 But I think it's also interesting what other WebApps are built from OpenACS toolkit, apart from .LRN.

My favorite OpenACS app is ]project open[.