Forum OpenACS Q&A: Bug

4: Bug (response to 3)
Posted by Guan Yang on

I assume that you have the EnableAutoDiscoveryAndPing parameter set to 1 in your blogger instance's parameters?

Nope, the Blogger package cannot currently let you specify Trackback URLs. This is a Missing Feature. What it does support, however, is Trackback autodiscovery.

Of course the entry you are linking todoes have the Trackback autodiscovery code, and at first glance it looks correct. So please check the EnableAutoDiscoveryAndPing parameter, and if it still doesn't work please file a bug (you can assign me to it).

5: Re: Bug (response to 4)
Posted by Phillip Harrington on
Yes I have EnableAutoDiscoveryAndPing set to 1. I did a test entry and it seems to be working. I did not know that's what it was for. Thanks Guan.